Profile Display

Client: Profile Display / Various
Industry: Advertising

Profile Display is an advertising company that works with various Chambers of Commerce across the country. They provide a display where local businesses that are members of their local chamber, can purchase advertising space and gain more business. Profile Display was in need of a graphic designer to help with ad production to keep up with demand. 

I answered a "help wanted" advertisement and the relationship with Profile Display was born. The most interesting challenge working for Profile Display is the expansive variety of different advertisemnts that need to be created. The businesses range from mom-and-pop shops to large, well-established corporations. There is also the challenge of needing to work with what the client has to provide as far as the artwork goes. Sometime logos, photos, full layouts are provided. Other times, the whole ad may be based on a conversation over the phone. There's always something to keep me on my toes. This really is a fun challenge...


Various ads created for various businesses for Profile Display